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Product description
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Product Description
The water spray exhaust gas purification tower is made of corrosion-resistant PP sheet. The gas is sucked into the air inlet section by the centrifugal fan, moves upstream to the packing layer, and reacts with the spray liquid. According to the gas purification index, two layers of filler can be added. The sprinkler device, the purified gas is discharged by the mist eliminator, and the device is composed of a gas distributor, a packing bracket, a packing, a spraying device, an accessory and a water pump. It has strong corrosion resistance, low noise, low power consumption, small size, convenient disassembly and assembly, light weight and durability.
Adaptation range
Applicable to the treatment of chemical, electroplating, pickling, hardware, electronics, building materials, ceramics, casting, metallurgy, machining, non-ferrous metal industrial waste gas and dust purification.
Product Features
★Simple process, low operating cost and most efficient equipment, easy to install;
★ stable performance, high dust removal efficiency and good desulfurization efficiency;
★Applicability is strong, especially suitable for water-soluble dusty gas;
★ Strong corrosion resistance, low noise, low power consumption, small size, easy disassembly and assembly;
★ Easy maintenance and long service life.
Model number Specifications Air volume Total power
HF-PL-5 φ1500*2500 5000 1.1
HF-PL-10 φ1500*3500 10000 2.2
HF-PL-20 φ1800*4500 20000 2.2
HF-PL-30 φ2000*5000 30000 3
HF-PL-40 φ2500*5500 40000 4
HF-PL-50 φ5800*6500 50000 7.5
Production site dust removal - deodorization diagram

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