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Dissolved air flotation machine

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Product description
The dissolved air flotation machine adopts a new type of high-efficiency dissolved gas equipment-microbubble generator, which replaces the traditional air-inducing equipment to dissolve air into the water, and installs a plurality of inclined pipe groups in the air-floating area, including the box body and the scraper. The spiral discharge machine together constitutes a complete air-floating water purification device. In theory, the treatment effect of air flotation is not directly related to the residence time, but only related to the air flotation area. If the air flotation zone of water depth H is reduced to water depth H/10, then the air flotation distance and dwell time will be Reduced by 10 times, this is the famous "shallow pool theory." The purpose of adding the inclined pipe to the air-floating zone is to increase the air-floating area, greatly reduce the Reynolds coefficient, and prevent the air-floating from being carried out under turbulent flow conditions, and to manufacture a good laminar flow state to achieve the effect of shallow air flotation.
Similarly, when the density of the suspended matter is greater than 1, the effect of shallow pool precipitation occurs due to the installation of the inclined tube group, so that the precipitation is carried out under turbulent conditions. The pollutants that are large in size and large in weight and that are not easy to float will be concentrated in the mud collecting area to achieve the purpose of purifying water.
product type
According to the water flow mode, it can be divided into: a flat flow dissolved air flotation machine, an upper flow dissolved air flotation machine, and a comprehensive dissolved air flotation machine.
The dissolved air flotation machine is suitable for treating water with low turbidity, high chroma, high organic content, low oil content, low surfactant content or enriched algae. Compared with other air floatation modes, it has the advantages of high hydraulic load and compact pool. However, its complicated process, large power consumption, and high noise of the air compressor also limit its application.

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