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  • Pulse filter cartridge

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Product description
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product description
The pulse filter dust box (dry dust collector) adopts the patented structure and is the fist product of the company. It consists of three parts, pulse injection, dust removal filter system and suction power system. The device is beautiful in appearance and convenient to use. It will be used to inhale the dust generated in the production process such as grinding, cutting and milling. It is filtered by high-density fiber filter, pulse injection and other devices to clean, collect, purify and discharge. The equipment is made of plastic spraying technology, which is sturdy and durable. The equipment is equipped with manual and automatic functions to save energy. It has the characteristics of strong dust suction, low power consumption and long service life.

Scope of application
Dust treatment by grinding, cutting and polishing in stone, wood, metal processing, FRP, carbon fiber, plastics and other industries.
The whole machine adopts modular combination and consists of three parts: pulse injection, dust removal filtration system and suction power system;
Strong dust removal, low power consumption and long motor life;
The chassis body adopts electrostatic spraying technology and has strong anti-rust performance;
The filter material for dust removal is high-density fiber, with a life of 1 year and low replacement cost. It is a cost-effective dust removal device. Efficient filtration, easy to clean, save energy and easy to install;
Automatic start-stop function, the system will automatically start the machine when the operator is working. If the machine stops working, the machine will automatically stop working within 1 minute, which saves energy more effectively.

Field operation diagram

Performance parameter

Model number Specifications Power Air volume Noise Purification rate Weight Fan form Applicable power supply
HFDM-LA-A-1.8 1800*750*2330 2.2 8000 ≤75 98% 300 Centrifugal fan 380V/50HZ
HFDM-LA-A-3 3000*750*2330 4.4 14000-16000 ≤75 98% 400 Centrifugal fan 380V/50HZ
HFDM-JS-4 4000*750*2330 6.6 16000-24000 ≤75 98% 600 Centrifugal fan 380V/50HZ

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