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  • Dust centralized collection and treatment system

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Product description
product description
The dust centralized collection system breaks the traditional single dust box form, and the dust generated in the grinding, cutting, milling and other production processes is uniformly collected into the outdoor equipment through the dust collecting hood, and is adsorbed by the high-density fiber filter. Spraying and other devices for filtration, cleaning, collection, and purification of emissions. The internal air quality of the plant is optimized.

Scope of application
Dust treatment by grinding, cutting and polishing in stone, wood, metal processing, FRP, carbon fiber, plastics and other industries.

Strong dust removal, low power consumption, long fan life: 
Collectively collect and save labor costs:
The filter bag for dust removal filter is used for low replacement cost. Easy to install:
The fan adopts the frequency conversion energy-saving control system to minimize the energy consumption of the equipment.
Field operation diagram

Performance parameter

Model number Dust cover length (mm) Power (KW) Air volume Noise Purification rate Fan form Applicable power supply
HFDM-JS-3 3000 4 8000 ≤75 98% Centrifugal fan 380V/50HZ
HFDM-JS-4 4000 5.5 12000 ≤75 98% Centrifugal fan 380V/50HZ

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